Association of Teachers of Japanese in Oregon

Joint COFLT Spring Conference

"Diversity and Dialogue: The Power Of Language To Shape Our Identity"


Spring 2013 COFLT


Welcome to the ATJO!

The Association of Teachers of Japanese in Oregon was founded in 1987. We were organized for the purpose of promoting, encouraging, and supporting the teaching of Japanese in the State of Oregon. Our membership includes teachers of college, high school, middle school, and elementary programs throughtout the state. We also welcome teachers of Japanese language programs that are outside of the traditional school setting.

It is our hope and purpose to strengthen the network between all Japanese teachers in Oregon through workshops, a quarterly newsletter, and involvement with other professional organizations like the AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese) and COFLT (The Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching). We share a common desire to improve ourselves professionally as teachers and to raise the standards for second language education among students at all levels of study.

The 2013-2014 ATJO Board

ATJO Board Meeting on August 24th at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

From the left, Ami Z. (Treasurer); Sandy G. (Past President/COFLT Rep);

Masayuki I. (President); Yoko O.(Board Election Coordinator);

Kazuko P. (Membership Coordinator); Yukari F. (Newsletter Editor).

Shoko F. (Hannichi Homestay Coordinator) and Morgan L. (Secretary) are not in the photo

In order to contact the board, please email


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